Pink Himalayan Bath Salts- Pink Himalayan & Rose Bath salts

Pink Himalayan Bath Salts- Pink Himalayan & Rose Bath salts



RELAXING: adding Himalayan Pink sea salt to bath water it´s known for its relaxing effects, improve blood circulation and lower pressure. 

STRESS RELIEVER: himalayan salt not only offer relief for sore muscles but also help reduce stress.

DETOX: Himalayan pink salt in bath water works as a powerful detoxifier, that draws toxins out of your body, leaving your skin radiant with a healthy glow.

ANTISEPTIC: Himalayan salt has an antiseptic effect, reduce inflammation and itch caused by histamine.

HIMALAYAN PINK SALT AND DRIED ROSE PETALS (not only they smell amazing but are well known for its therapeutic benefits for skin) mixed together make this bath salt a unique relaxing experience.

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Pink himalayan bath salts helps detox and soften your skin while relaxing your mind. 
According to Ayurveda, salt crystals from the Himalayas are the most purest salts. 
With more than 80 minerals and nutrients Himalayan salts has incredibly therapeutic qualities and healing energy. 
The added organic botanicals and essential oils provide a complete therapeutic effect.

Take a bath with pink himalayan salts to melt away stress, relax muscles, relieve aches, and experience a sense of well-being.